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Medium Sector Candidates

Mayrane Galante

Hi ASEC! I would like to take this opportunity to present myself, even though I met some of you wonderful folks at ASEC’s Goals Conference. My name is Mayrane Galante and I am the VP Academic of the Concordia Students’ Association. I am currently in my fourth year of my BA in Psychology – Applied Emphasis Program, and besides that, I have two other Diplomas: one in Management and one in Graphic Design. I would be lying if I said that politics and advocacy have always been part of my plan when I got to Canada, and that was never due to lack of caring or wanting things to change, it was always a matter of not believing what I had to say was important enough to be listened to. But as the years passed and I became more confident, I realized that I do have a lot to say and that my experience is very similar to that of several other international students and for those who do not “fit in”. By no means do I think I know everyone’s experience, my point is that what I have been through here in Canada, my academic background and the work I have been doing with immigrant agencies, youth and social research, have given me a broader perspective on issues that might go unnoticed to others.

With that being said, the reason I want to run for ASEC’s Board of Directors is that while I do believe everyone else is doing a great job as students’ leaders and members of the Board, I believe what I got will bring new ideas, perspectives and even experiences to the Board. If ASEC’s purpose is to represent all post-secondary students of such a diverse and ever-changing province as Alberta, our Board should reflect this diversity too. No one has the obligation or even means to know everything about everyone, and I really do not blame them for not knowing, but one of the things I value the most is sharing knowledge. We can learn so much from each other, we can understand what truly happens, instead of just reading about it; there is beauty in sitting in discomfort and being willing to listen and take action. I have worked really hard to be able to even speak a language that is not my own in front of people I do not know, and it is never easy, but it is my belief that now that I can do something about it, that my voice will be heard and respected, it is my duty to everyone that, just like myself think they have to be out of everyone’s way, not to bother or cause any type of problem. I think it is important that our Board has a direct connection to these students’ experiences and I am confident that I will be a great addition to this amazing Board, in fact, it will be my pleasure. Take care!

Savannah Snow

Hello students of Alberta! My name is Savannah Snow, and I am the President of the Students’ Association of Red Deer Polytechnic. I’ve held my position since May after being on Council for only 9 months – a student leader was born! I fell in love with the fight of the student movement during my time on Council. Since attending both the ASEC Leadership and Goals conferences, I’ve decided to extend my voice provincially. I see many opportunities for actionable change within the post-secondary field. I want to be a part of the movement that makes this change happen. 


I’m currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration, with a major in General Management and a minor in Economics and Finance. I’m also studying project management independently to gain my certification, with plans to move into a project management designation post-grad. 

So what does this mean as a potential Board member?

I hold myself to the professionality standards set out by my school. We are graded on our professionality in a few areas, such as attendance, contributing to discussion, and group conduct. I almost always end up taking leadership roles in group projects. I also have an eye for the bigger picture, a trait I’m hoping to capitalize on through a project management designation. 


I first dipped into politics when I was asked to join an ad-hoc committee set up by a member of our Council. Our business campus was satellite, and in a very dangerous part of town. Additionally, students were having to pay for double parking and not receiving the same amount of supports and services as the rest of the students. The committee’s goal was to bring the business school back to campus, which was accomplished only two months after the establishment of the committee. I then joined Council the following August. I had the opportunity to engage in the institution’s consultation regarding tuition realignment. 

Again, how does this relate to being a good choice for students?

I am not afraid to speak up and speak out! As identified in our top three goals, affordability is extremely important to students. I personally believe that accessibility cannot exist without affordability. In my short political career, affordability is a battle that I’m finding I constantly have to fight for my peers. I am ready to take my passion provincially for students across Alberta. 

I am extremely lucky to have a fantastic team at SARDP. We are extremely supportive of each other, and each member of my team brings a unique perspective to the table. ASEC will not only gain my perspective, but the perspective of SARDP. We pride ourselves on our progressive approach to addressing student needs – that is, always being willing to go to bat! ASEC’s top priorities: affordability, meaningful consultation, and academic procedure; are all things that we are fighting for on the home front. Thank you again for your consideration! I hope you choose me to represent you and your peers! 

FSAA Candidates

Daniel Kazambu

I want to be an ear that listens to the concerns of students. If elected, I will work with ASEC home office staff to create opportunities through round table discussions for each student organization to share the concerns that they have on a federal level. Right now what students have said they want us to focus one are:

• Expedited pathways to permanent residency for international students
• Increased supports for indigenous learners and renewed commitment by the federal government on truth and reconciliation actions
• Access to education through investment in rural broadband Internet
• Increasing the number of paid internships that are available for students
• To remove interest payments on Canadian Federal Student Loans
• work with my fellow students to make strategy that will help to have a better relationship between the federal government and the western students Canada

I will work with my fellow student leaders to understand the needs of students and make sure these concerns are shared with decision makers.

Thank-you for your time and I hope you will put your trust in me to represent you as your FFSA representative.


Daniel Kazambu
SANQC Students’ Council Representative

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