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Large Sector Candidates

Alvero Ivan Garcia

Dear fellow ASEC member associations:

We are all aware of the crisis that ASEC is suffering. For us it is fundamental to highlight the relevance that the association has in the province, giving a voice to the students at colleges and smaller universities, thus putting balance in student advocacy beside large universities, and in front of government institutions and society in general.
We understand that what happened has already happened. Decisions have been made and we can only accept them. The Board of Directors, elected in a valid, legitimate, and democratic process by the membership, acted within the framework of the policies and bylaws, exercising its mandated right of governance. The same policies and bylaws of the association have prevented the former board of directors from providing the underlying reasons for the actions taken. That is the reality of the facts, and whatever necessary action must be taken in the best interest of the member associations, ASEC, and with it, the students we represent.

It is not our intention to inquire into the motivations of the outgoing board, as we have said, we accept their resolutions and our interest is to build from there, learning from the past, and seeing to the future. We understand that there exists a degree of lack of trust, either in the capacities of the association and in its sustainability over time. It is therefore in our interest to work on rebuilding and tailoring trust, accepting as real and legitimate doubts and questions of some members, and striving to provide them with the guarantees that the situation is precise. We accept that several associations have initiated processes to leave the association, but we also ask for openness to work to regain their trust during this year, in which, under any circumstances, ASEC will continue to be made up of at least the same 17 associations that are part of it today.

Therefore, we humbly ask for the support of our fellow members in this critical election for the future of our association, we are confident that we have the tools to lead and support ASEC, and we can strengthen it out of this crisis.

What do we offer?
– We understand what is needed today; we will link our voices, we will be constructive,
dialogic, responsive, and transparent.
-We will contribute our experience, we will build bridges through which we can all
travel, observing the values of our association, working to be better day by day, in tune
with our vision and our mission.
-We will involve the students we represent, through the member associations and
their leaders.
-We will never again make an unconsult decision, we will be listened to, and we will
hear all voices.
-To guarantee good performance we will provide quarterly reports to memberships,
with clarity regarding changes, budgets, management, and contingencies.
-We know that each college and university member is unique, that each student body
is diverse, and we will strive for equity, diversity, integration, and the indigenization of
our association.
-We will conduct a thorough and professional process to select a new executive
director who is competent, impartial, and capable of leadership. At the same time, we
will promote policies that allow us to evaluate his/her performance and continuity on a
regular basis, according to the importance of their position.

We will thoroughly and thoughtful analyze the financial and accounting situation of the
association and carry out measures to guarantee its viability and financial sustainability over time.
We have a responsibility to the students we represent. ASEC will continue to be relevant in the province and will continue to be the voice of more than 100,000 students who attend our institutions daily. ASEC belongs to all of us, ASEC is us, and its future is today in our hands…


Jody Gylander

Medium Sector Candidates


I will start my statement with the word ‘Student’, this word represents more than ‘learner’. When I see the word ‘student’, I see the hard work, the long hours of studying, pressure students face, and the increased debt with rising interest. However, besides of all these factors, I also see the college experience, the time with friends, I see relations, the bond between the teachers and students and at last, I see the word ‘Future’, where the Teachers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, or Doctors of tomorrow are growing.

ASEC is a student lead organization, where we protect our students future, and try to provide them the best possible environment to grow. It is the place where goals are selected by the student and lobbied by students to the government. Through this, we are able to deliver huge wins such as the Post-secondary Sexual Violence Policy and the removal of the working hours cap from the international
students working off-campus. ASEC believes in the value of a united voice across the province. It was this voice that was able to achieve milestones. I personally, as an international student, am effected by removing the working hours cap for international students. This gives me the opportunity to work and support myself in a new
country. Having a choice is of upmost value. However, this was a temporary solution, as it will be reinstated on December 31, 2023. If we want to protect this choice for international student, ASEC should be present in front of the ministers of the parliament to make it permanent win through advocacy.

These are some reasons I want to be part of this organization and to be there for our 110,000 students across Alberta. For those students who are being buried under increasing interest rates for student loans and to provide the support to Indigenous students. ASEC has the resources and the voice through the strong student leaders to advocate for our priorities and create lasting change. We all know that we are going through massive changes but right now, we are living in the moment and reacting to this
situation, but we have to remember the organization – the value of this organization goes beyond today and into the future for our students if we come together and unite our voice.

I will dedicate myself to working towards the success of this organization into the future. I would love to have your support because I am passionate about helping the students of Alberta.

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