ASEC Advocacy Evaluation

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What is Advocacy?(Required)
What is Lobbying?(Required)
What is the ultimate goal of an advocacy meeting?(Required)
What kinds of stakeholders to ASEC leaders often meet with?(Required)
What should you do prior to the meeting?(Required)
Why do ASEC leaders wear professional clothes when meeting with government?(Required)
What effect(s) does wearing professional clothing have on your stakeholder?(Required)
Prior to an advocacy meeting an ASEC leader:(Required)
During an advocacy meeting, an ASEC leader should:(Required)
What are the "roles" of an advocacy meeting that ASEC trains new student leaders?(Required)
When does the Quarterback speak during the meeting?(Required)
What does the Note Taker record?(Required)
How does a Speaker prepare for their role?(Required)
When is it okay to talk about the meeting?(Required)
Who is the best person to reach out to after the meeting to schedule a follow-up?(Required)