Students Association of the Year

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The Students’ Association of the Year is a peer, or self-nominated friendly competition intended to highlight and promote the fantastic work at our Students’ Associations. 

The Selection Process

A lottery will be used to select the three candidates to be highlighted throughout the year (September 30, January 31, and May 1). To increase your chances of winning the Students’ Association of the Year select any qualifying characteristics below that apply to your nominee. The more characteristics that apply to your nominee the more lottery entries will be given. Nominations open at the Goals Conference in Olds and will remain open until March 1, 2023.   

During AGM the nominated SA’s will be given time to highlight their SA to membership and a secret ballot, conducted by the members, will be held to choose the winning Students Association.

In the case of multiple nominations, the nomination package with the most qualifiers will be used in the lottery. Nominees may be resubmitted with additional qualifiers throughout the year. An SA can only win the lottery once a term.

Unsuccessful nominations will remain in the draw until the final nominee is announced on March 1st.  


Nominated SA’s receive a highlight in ASEC’s public-facing newsletter and highlights on ASEC’s Social Media platforms.

The winner of SA of Year, as voted on by their peers, will be given the ASEC Cup.

Students Association of the Year Nomination Form

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Provide detailed explainations for each of your selections. Explainations will be used in your highlight if your nomination is sucessful.

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If you have any questions contact for trubleshoting 

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