Board of directors 2020/2021

Brittany Lausen

President, SARDC

Ryan Morstad

President, SAITSA


Chloe Collins

VP External, AUArtsSA

Michael Frankiw

President, SAOC

Jerilyn Kotelniski

VP External, NAITSA

Jonas Bystrom

VP External, TKUSA

Non-voting members:

Jay Decore

Executive Director, SABVC

Cherie Sawaryn

Executive Director, SANQC

Cherie Sawaryn

Executive Director, SARDC

Elizabeth Sweiger

Executive Director, SARDC

Executive Director:

Jonathan Bilodeau

Executive Director, ASEC

Jonathan Bilodeau

Executive Director, ASEC

ASEC is a member-driven organization governed by a council of delegates, comprised of student representatives from each of the seventeen (17) member associations, a permanent staff team based out of Edmonton, Alberta, and a Board of Directors comprised of six (6) elected student members, two (2) appointed advisors from two different member associations, and ASEC’s Executive Director. The ASEC staff team consists of an Executive Director, a Government Relations and Advocacy Director, and an Operations and Finance Director.