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EDI Group

Please read the information below carefully, so that you can let us how you want to engage with the EDI work that ASEC is doing!
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EDI Group - Overview

As promised, we have created this poll so that you can let us know how you would like to engage with the work of the ASEC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Group. Please read the following information carefully to learn more!

This year..

.. you can engage with the EDI Group in two ways - through the EDI Committee and/or through EDI Discussion Groups. You'll be able to let us know your preferred level of engagement in a moment, but first, let's learn how you can get involved!

The first way you can be involved is through the EDI Committee.

This committee serves as the home base for all EDI related work and is open to any ASEC student leader. We meet regularly, take minutes, and present a report to the membership at the AGM Conference. Members of this group set the strategy for the year and are given the opportunity to lead EDI discussion groups, do research, and make policy recommendations to the lobby team. In order to respect, encourage, and honour each of our members, the EDI Committee will follow the principle 'one member - one vote.' This means that in situations where committee members must make a decision, one member from each student association will be able to speak on behalf of their team.

The second way you can be involved is through EDI Discussion Groups.

These groups will be formed around certain issues, themes, or topics (e.g. supports for Indigenous students, LGBTQ2S+, international student concerns, etc.) as identified by our membership and the EDI Committee. Discussion groups will meet as needed, are more informal, and open to any ASEC student executive. Leaders of these groups will take notes and debrief the EDI Committee about what was discussed.
Now that you know the two ways you can engage with the EDI work ASEC is doing, how would you like to get involved?

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this! We are very excited for you to lead us through this year full of advocacy for students across Alberta!



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