BOG Support Group

BOG Support Group

This form was created in order for the ASEC staff team to identify all BOG student representatives who would like to be a part of the support group. Once all students have registered, we will move to the next step, which is scheduling our first meeting!
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BOG Support Group

Welcome to the Board of Governors Representatives Support Group! This group is meant to be a space where, as a BOG Rep, you will have access to training, support, but also the opportunity to share information and experiences in a way that will help you fulfill your role to the best of your ability.

Who can be a member of this group?

You can join this group if you were selected to be a representative on the Board of Governors as a member of your SA Executive team or as a student at large!

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Some examples to get you thinking: how to prepare for BOG meetings; I am worried that other BOG members won't take me seriously - what can I do about that?; the BOG meeting package is huge - what should I be paying most attention to?; etc.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this! We are very excited to help support you as you represent and advocate for students across the province and their interests!



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Jonathan Bilodeau

Executive Director

Naomi Pela

Director of Operations and Finance