Members of the Alberta Students’ Executive Council along with Lethbridge College Students’ Association in response to inquiries regarding the Chicago Principles, are releasing the following joint statement:

“Alberta students’ associations have always promoted open dialogue on our campuses. We are tolerant and inclusive; we invite open and respectful debate and are opposed to hate speech. Since the Chicago Principles do not allow for speech that violates Canadian law, we can confidently say that they have always been a part of our culture. We believe that postsecondary institutions should continue to be places for open inquiry and vigorous debate.

Our role as Students’ Associations in Alberta is not to bring attention to one side of an issue or another, but rather to create the space and structure for our members to openly and freely discuss issues they care about.

We can trace our origins back to the original Students’ Unions of the 1800’s, which were founded as debating societies. Alberta Students’ Associations will never support or condone hate speech in any form. However, open debate, whether or not it reflects our own personal views, is an integral part of campus and student life.”

For more information contact:

Emmanauel Barker, Director of Government Relations and Advocacy