On September 3rd, 2019, the Government of Alberta commissioned Blue Ribbon Panel announced its findings on the financial situation of the province. Following consultation with our membership and our student representatives, the Alberta Students’ Executive Council has the following responses to the three recommendations related to Alberta post-secondary education:

“ASEC is optimistic that the Government of Alberta will take this opportunity to facilitate the development of a robust strategic direction for the post-secondary system into the future. As
stakeholders, we are committed to ensuring an informed reflection of the student perspective by participating in this process.”

“ASEC has always advocated for predictable, affordable, and incremental increases in tuition and we are again committed to promoting common-sense tuition policies based on the Consumer Price Index as currently legislated. Diversification of revenue streams on an institutional level presents an opportunity to modernize our post-secondary system, however, regarding tuition, this process must maintain affordability and accessibility for students.”

“ASEC believes that the financial stability of our institutions is an integral aspect to the sustainability of our post-secondary system and must be evaluated appropriately. As stakeholders, ASEC is committed to working with the Government to represent the student perspective on how Alberta institutions and their invaluable community contributions fit into the future direction of the system as a whole.”

For more information on the report, follow this link> or contact:
Emmanauel Barker, Director of Government Relations and Advocacy